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Newspaper is a pronounced analogy for an easily accessible knowledge bank which significantly improves the general knowledge, particularly for coping with competitive exam preparations and so on. Ever gets a newspaper in arm length, never regret to boost your language skills and current affairs as they play a vital role in UPSC preparation, SSC preparation, banking exams, railway exams etc. Here is an insight into the art of reading newspapers for cracking competitive exams and particularly “what”, “where” and “how” to read them. The prerequisites of examinations are to be well adhered in your plans before you prepare and appear for an examination.

What to read in a newspaper for cracking competitive exams?

Newspaper articles aids innumerable fields like vocabulary, grammar usage and comprehension and are a top notch for the writing and verbal sections of competitive examinations. Methodological reading and understanding of columns and editorials of prominent journalists and columnists in national dailies like The Hindu strengthen our chances in competitive exams by enhancing our English and Current Affairs skills. But if we are talking about help in writing a paper, then it is better to choose, which is already loved by students for its reliability. Maintaining these habits for a longer term enhances our focus and ability to understand reading comprehensions quickly and easily.

Front page

The sensational news is highlighted in the front page of the newspapers which occupies larger space to cover the page in its entirety. It’s advised to be choosy here sorting the relevant and irrelevant parts of the news.

National and international news

National and international news are known as the examination bank which requires maximum attention, since in competitive examinations it will be a focused area. It is advised to read the columns in an examination point of view and help you gain a concrete based on current affairs. Political issues confined to the legislative, administrative process and constitution of India needs maximum attention.

Editorial and opinion section

A very useful section to extract relevant, acute information which extends basic concepts of GD phase in Bank officers’ examination like SBI. Also, it improves your ability to score well in descriptive phase of Bank, SSC, Insurance exams etc. Primarily, editorials help in improving language skills, writing and enriching the vocabulary and grammar. They offer limited general knowledge question but is dominated by analysis of various issues ongoing in and around the country. Considered as the most important part of the newspaper, also the heart of newspaper it enhances the basic understanding of key issues. Once you attain the knack of editorial reading, the art of writing the English section of competitive exams like Bank, SSC, UPSC, Insurance etc is a cakewalk. The process can be slow initially and once you master them, it eventually boosts your understanding and analysing capacity proving maximum beneficiaries from the section. In a nutshell, editorial reading put your efforts into effective results in competitive exams.

City and regional news

This section isn’t important in an examination point of view. The news covered in here is mostly political and requires less attention for UPSC, SSC, railway and banking examinations.

Business and economy news

You got an easy target on banking examinations here in the business and economy columns. Bank aspirants can expect majority questions and current affairs from business, economy sites from this section of newspapers. Indian economy is an important area in UPSC preliminary exams and SSC examinations and those who read the section, enriching weekly business and economy news can keep themselves abreast in the latest news of this domain and pursuit their dream of UPSC, SSC and banking examinations.


Sports news covers not more than two-three questions in the competitive exams and focusing on international and national sports and winnings may ease up the exam preparation to an extent.

Socio – economic news

Educational issues, government policies, women’s issues, health issues and other socioeconomic news are covered here with special emphasis on vulnerable and silenced part of the society. It is wiser to avoid local political news.

How to read a newspaper?

In the era of competition, smart work always serves the peak where the knowledge imbibed weighs more than the time spent. Most importantly, you can’t read a newspaper like a novel or fiction.

When you read a newspaper, try to cover the essential columns giving a detailed reading in approximately one hour. You should have a thorough idea on what to be read and skipped.

Footnotes on facts, current affairs and vocabulary

Anything read is fully fledged when written therefore even when you engage in active reading try to approach the learning process with strategies of making footnotes or setting up questions and answers from the context of reading. Preparing handy notes, sorting vocabulary, phrases and key facts from the reading to benefit the final preparation for competitive exams. Categorising current affairs, business notes and vocabulary notes ease the preparation process for GK and writing sections in UPSC, SSC, railway and banking examinations. Handy notes or pointers will assist you in adequate revisions in competitive exam preparations especially for clearing objective tests. This is how you reap the entire advantage out of newspaper reading.

Active Reading

Active reading of newspaper extends better understanding of the issues and scenarios, and helps to reflect on the ideas building a core knowledge on the socio-political background and the future scopes. This is unachieved if you give a passive and blank reading of newspapers.

Skim the unimportant pages

Local political news, government and political rivalry issues, deaths and celebrity news can be skipped for an effective reading. This saves your time and enrol extra attention on editorial, national and international news for cracking competitive exams.

Syllabus reviews

Know the complete syllabus of any competitive exams like railway, banking examinations, UPSC, SSC etc. Clarity on syllabus helps in filtering the topics to be read that saves up your effort and time.

Newspaper reviews

Missing out the newspaper updates are unaffordable and, in that case, referring to the available newspaper reviews is an advisable alternative. Monthly newspaper reviews also boost up the competitive exam preparations.

Aptitude Trivandrum explains this clearly in the YouTube channel. Click here to watch the video: How to read a Hindu News Paper in exam point of view

Which newspaper is preferred for competitive exams?

Among the varieties of newspapers available, “The Hindu”, an epitome of high standards, stands out for their analysis and reporting quality which will help the aspirants in competitive exams immensely. The Hindu newspaper prioritises national news and never fails to draw a wall between opinions and news. Other options available for preparations are “Economic Times”, “Business Line” mostly wraps the banking, finance, economy news and insurance sections which are a vital component for banking exams. Apart from that, The Indian express, The Hindu, Times of India, and Deccan Chronicles helps in cracking other competitive examinations like railway exams, UPSC and SSC examinations. Major factors to be considered while choosing a newspaper are larger coverage, amplifying major national and international news, and Standard English.

Comprehensive reading of a newspaper induces better understanding of relevant current affairs discarding the irrelevant local news. Reading a complete newspaper in the exam point of view enhances the depth and understanding of news columns.

Newspapers are extremely beneficial in polishing the English language and communication skills thus boosting up the vocabulary and lexicon thereby assists in the essay sessions of UPSC and SSC examinations.

The newspaper should cover all the relevant news, amplifying the potential bulletins which will be helpful in acquiring wider knowledge in depth. Good coverage is hence a crucial factor in cracking competitive exams.

Reading The Hindu for competitive exams

Front Page

First pages of the newspaper can be skimmed without an in-depth reading. Front page is reserved for the sensational news occupying major space for the headlines alone.

Regional Pages

Regional news depends on the publishing city hence the news differs with the place. This section is not relevant in the terms of competitive exam preparation for UPSC, SSC, banking and railway exams.

Editorial Page

Editorial page and opinions constitute this part of the newspaper and is the core of reading. You can start reading the left most articles and then continue with the lead article and letters to the editor. Try to read these columns unbiased. Editorials are a vital component of competitive exam preparation like UPSC and SSC. You can wrap up the section within forty minutes of reading.

Judiciary related news

It mainly deals with Government orders, debates, High Court and Supreme Court verdict and parliamentary issues.


The OPED or opposite to the editorial page is published by a magazine or newspaper where authors unaffiliated to the publication’s editorial board express their opinions and perspectives on particular topics. These articles or prose pieces are named as ‘comment’ in the perspective page. You can read them to mould opinions on social issues.

National Page

This space is reserved for general news (political) where readers can have a superficial understanding about the events and issues going within our nation.

World or International news

Topics related to international relations which is vital for UPSC exam preparation is found here. Spending time on major happenings is advised for serious preparation.

Business Page

Banking examination and MBA aspirants need to dig deeper here. The section focuses on business trends issues, cryptocurrency, monetary policies etc. Socioeconomic issues related to vulnerable communities; women education is also dealt here. Give an in depth reading on these columns.

Sports Page

Competitive exams generally don’t focus upon sports updates but superficial reading is also suggested.


Reading newspaper is a perfect strategy to crack public sector competitive exams and also to inculcate the reading culture assisting oneself in various examination levels. Achieving small deeds and goals should fertile the curiosity of learning and gaining improvements in later stages of success. The perks of reading a newspaper are immense and it adds to yourself growth in every aspect of life. It helps you give an edge to your career goals or whatever you are pursuing in life.

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