The banking sector plays a huge role in building economy and is devoted to financially assisting people at the time of needs. It is also one of the most stable and flexible systems working globally. Various banks offer different services and products serving customers across the world to create more wealth. Despite all the upheavals, customers have submitted their confidence and belief in the sector to accomplish planned and successful economic development. The Banking industry can be further classified into Central Banks, Investment Banks, Commercial Banks and Retail Banks. Now let’s look into the top ten Banks of the world and top five private and public sector banks in India.

World’s Top 10 Banks

1. Industrial and Commercial bank of China

Established in 1984, (ICBC Industrial and commercial bank of China is the largest bank in China with an expanding customer base and massive earning capacity. The continuous regulation of its bank deposits takes the name into one of the four biggest state owned commercial sector banks in China.

ICBC is headquartered in Xicheng District, Beijing, China from its year of foundation on January 1,1984. The total revenue of ICBC reached a mammoth amount of eight hundred billion yuan in 2020 with an asset hold of 24,402.66 billion yuan. The bank has emerged as one of the biggest systematically important banks of the world as per the Financial stability board in global comparison with subsequently increasing asset value in the past decade. ICBC is far stretched to almost 41 countries and holds 4,53,048 employees as per the latest records.

2. China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank or CCB was founded in October,1954 and is one among the four giant banks of China. CCB is categorised as a systematically important bank by the Financial stability board and is the second largest bank in the world under the domain of market capitalisation. It engages in a wide range of provisions from financial services for personal and corporate customers. CCB is headquartered in Xicheng District, Beijing, China . The total assets of CCB reached 8.7 trillion yuan with a market capital of 210.4 billion dollars. The latest records suggest that the number of employees in CCB is approximately 3,47,156.

3. Agricultural bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China is the third largest lender in banking sector with nearly 24,000 branches across the country. ABC has 2.7 million corporate customers and 320 million  retail customer. Ranked eighth in the top 1000 banks of the world, ABC is one among China’s four giant banks categorised as a systematically important bank by the Financial stability board. Established 1951, July 10, Agricultural bank of China is headquartered in Beijing, China. Total revenue of the bank is 602.56 billion yuan with an asset of 22.609 trillion yuan. As of 2020, ABC holds 4,67,631 employees. Zhao Huan serves the president of Ag Bank.

4. The Bank of China

The Bank of China or BOC is one among the Big four banks of China and is the fourth largest in the world. BOC was the second largest lender in the Chinese mainland and the ninth largest under the domain of market capitalisation in the world. Established in 1912 and headquartered in Beijing, China,  Bank of China is the oldest bank of The Republic of China and is considered as a systematically important bank by Financial stability board. Total asset hold of BOC is 21.267 trillion yuan and is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets. Owned by the government of China, Bank of China’s current revenue is 503.81billion yuan with 3,11,000 employees.

5. JP Morgan Chase & Co

Headquartered in New York City, US , JP Morgan Chase &Co. is a multinational investment and financial services bank.  It is the largest bank in the US as of 2021. The total asset holds of 3.758 trillion dollars take JP Morgan Chase &Co. to the status of fifth largest bank in the world and the largest in terms of market capitalisation. The revenue stands at a rate of 119.54 billion dollars operating under 2,55,351 employees.

6. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Mitsubishi UF J Financial Group, Inc. or MUFG is founded on 2005, October 1 after the merger of UFJ Holdings and Mitsubishi Tokyo financial group. The company is based in Japan and headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan that provides financial service, international finance, commercial banking and investment services worldwide. MUFG is the second largest bank holding company in the world, also the largest financial group in Japan. It is one among the “three great houses” of Mitsubishi Group. The total asset hold of MUFG is 3.1 trillion dollars and revenue of 4.495 trillion Japanese Yen. The company is having 1,68,400 employees across the world.

7. BNP Paribas S.A

BNP Paribas S.A. is Europe’s largest bank, based in France. This international banking group was formed merging BNP or Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas. Being the largest French banking group, BNP Paribas has its corporate identity dating back to 1848 as a national Bank in France. It is one of the ten largest banks in the world and is listed to be a systematically important bank by the Financial stability board. BNP Paribas is headquartered in Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, France. The total asset hold of the bank is 2.488 trillion euro and the revenue stands at 44.275billion. Number of employees working under the bank is 1,93,000.


HSBC is a British multinational bank holding company headquartered in 8 Canada square London. It is the second largest bank in Europe providing financial services and investments. The total asset hold of HSBC is 2.984 trillion dollars. The company is an offshoot of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking corporation tracing its roots in Hong Kong and the latest form based in London. HSBC was established in 1991 and the revenue hold of the company is 50.429 billion dollars. Number of employees working under the company is 2,26,059.

9. The Bank of America

Bank of America or Bank of American Corporation (BoA/BofA) is based in America headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  BoA is the second largest Bank in US and the holds a proportion of 10.73% of total American deposits. It provides financial services and is one among the Big four banking institutions based in the United States. Established in 1984, the total revenue of Bank of America is approximately 85.52 billion dollars. BoA accommodates 2lakhs employees in its branches across worldwide.

10. Credit Agricole Group

Credit Agricole or La Banque verte is a French international bank famous for its farming ties in past. It is the tenth largest bank in the world , second largest in France and the largest cooperative financial  institution in the world. Credit Agricole was established in 1894, November 1 and is headquartered in Montrouge, France. The bank is connected via various local banks and regional banks forming a firm and having a wide network worldwide. Moreover, Credit Agricole is categorised as systematically important bank by the Financial stability board. The revenue of the bank is approximately 26.61 billion Euros, holding an asset of 2.741 trillion dollars. 1,42,000 employees serve the banking institution of Credit Agricole.

Best Public Sector Banks in India

1. SBI

State Bank of India or SBI, is the largest bank in India, ranked 43rd in the world. This multinational public sector bank provides financial services across the country which is connected through 22,219 branches. SBI is headquartered in Mumbai with a market share of 23%. Dinesh Kumar Khara serves as the chairman of the SBI. The revenue share of SBI is rupees 385,338 crores and a total asset worth 4,845,619 crores. The number of employees serving SBI is 245,642. 62,617 ATMs work under SBI across the country. Fortune Global 500 ranked SBI  221st among the biggest corporations in the world. The subsidiaries of SBI are SBI Life insurance Ltd, SBI cards and payment service, SBI general insurance, jio payments Bank, yes bank, Kaveri Grameen Bank, Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank.

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2. Punjab National Bank

PNB or Punjab National Bank is an Indian bank owned by the Government of India, Ministry of Finance. PNB was established in 1894, May and  is headquartered at Dwarka, New Delhi, India. The business volume and network held by PNB make it the second largest nationalised bank. The bank has more than 13,000 ATMs and 12,248 branches spread across the country. S.S Mallikarjuna Rao is the currently serving chairman of PNB. The banking subsidiaries of PNB are PNB housing finance limited, PNB MetLife India insurance company etc. The revenue is rupees 94,990 crores with a total asset hold of 1,278,725 crores. Number of employees serving Punjab National Bank is 1,03,000.

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3. Bank of Baroda

BoB or Bank of Baroda is an Indian Bank owned by the Government of India providing financial and investment services across the country. Forbes Global 2000 list ranked BoB 1145th. Bank of Baroda is headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat and Hasmukh Adhia serves the position of chairman of BoB. Moreover ,  it is the fourth largest nationalised Indian Bank. Established in 1908, July, Bank of Baroda is stretched across 8,214 branches, also providing 10,033 ATM services. The total revenue of BoB is rupees 82,859 crores with assets worth 1,155,364 crores. No of employees serving the bank is more than 82,000. The subsidiaries of Bank of Baroda are Bank of Baroda Uganda, Bank of Baroda Tanzania, Nainital Bank etc.

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4. Canara Bank

Canara Bank is an Indian nationalised bank owned by the Government of India, finance ministry. It is established in 1906, and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The bank is the third largest nationalised bank spread across 9,877 branches providing cash redeeming services at 11,819 ATMs. Shri L V Prabhakar is the MD, CEO of Canara Bank. The revenue  of the bank in the year 2021 is rupees 84,525 crores and asset value of 1,153,675 crores. Number of employees is 88,213. The subsidiaries of Canara Bank are Canbank factors limited, Canbank Venture Capital fund Limited, Canbank Computer Services Limited, Canbank Securities limited, Canbank Robeco Asset management Company Limited, Canbank Financial Services Limited, Canara HSBC Oriental life Insurance Company Limited etc.

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5. Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India or UBI is an Indian nationalised bank under the finance ministry with incredible customer services of more than 120 million customers. The bank offers services over 9,316 branches and 12,957 ATMs. Established in 1919, November, UBI is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr Rajkiran Rai G serves as the MD & CEO of UBI. The revenue of the bank is rupees 80,104 crores with an asset worth of 140 billion dollars. Number of employees serving UBI is more than 78,000. The subsidiaries of Union Bank of India are Union Bank of India Ltd,  securities Ltd, Chaitanya Godavari Grameen Bank, Star union Dai ichi life insurance, union trustee Co.pvt limited and Union Asset Management Co.pvt Ltd.

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Best Private Sector Banks in India

1. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is largest bank of India and the tenth largest in the world by market capitalisation. Owned by Housing Development Finance Corporation, HDFC Bank was established in 1994, August. HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Being the largest private sector bank of India, HDFC serves the purpose of financial services with a network of almost 5,653 branches and 16,291 ATM. Atanu Chakraborty serves as the chairman of HDFC Bank. The revenue is estimated to be 16 billion dollars with an asset worth of 230 billion dollars. This bank is served by more than 1,20,000 employees.

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2. ICICI Bank

Headquartered in Vadodara, India, ICICI Bank limited is chaired by Girish Chandra Chaturvedi. It is an Indian multinational bank providing financial services through various channels like asset management, investment and non-life insurance. Established in 1994, January ICICI Bank has a network of 5275 branches in 17 countries and 15,589 ATMs. The revenue increase of ICICI Bank is 21 billion dollars with an asset of 210 billion dollars. About 97,354 employees serve the banking sector of ICICI. The subsidiaries are ICICI Prudential, ICICI Direct, ICICI Securities, ICICI Lombard etc.

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3. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank was founded in 2003, February and is the third largest private sector banking institution in India by market capitalisation. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has a network of 1600 branches and more than 2500 ATM services. Prakash Apte serves as the chairman of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The bank offers life insurance, investment services and finance management. The revenue of the bank is estimated to be 7.5 billion dollars with a total asset value of 64 billion dollars. The number of employees serving the banking sector is about 71,000. Subsidiaries of Kotak Mahindra Bank are as follows, Kotak Mahindra general insurance, Kotak life insurance, Kotak securities, Kotak mutual fund, Kotak Mahindra prime limited, Airtel payments Bank etc.

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4. Axis Bank

Axis Bank  is an Indian private sector providing financial services which was formerly known as UTI Bank. Axis Bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is chaired by Rakesh Makhija. The total revenue hold of Axis Bank is 11 billion dollars with an asset holding of 130 billion dollars. The banking network of Axis Bank is spread across 4594 branches and 11,333 ATMs. Almost 78,300 employees serve the Axis Bank. Subsidiaries of the bank include Axis capital, Axis securities, Axis asset management company Ltd, A Trends, Axis finance Ltd, Axis Bank UK Ltd, Freecharge, Axis trustee services Ltd, Axis equity Ltd etc.

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5. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd bank is an Indian new generation, private bank founded in 1994 offering financial and banking products services. IndusInd bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sumant Kathpalia serves as the MD and CEO of the same. The revenue of IndusInd bank is 4.8 billion dollars with an asset holding of 41 billion dollars. 30,674 employees serve the Banking sector of IndusInd. The bank has a network of 2015 branches and 2886 ATMs with multiple delivery capabilities. The subsidiaries include BFIL.

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