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Schemes of Modi Government- Part 3

2022-05-17T05:05:11+00:00May 17, 2022|Articles|

The government of India has announced numerous schemes for the development and well-being of different cross-sections of the society. It aims to eradicate socio economic issues prevailing in the country thus ensuring overall welfare of the nation and its citizens. ...

Schemes of Modi Government- Part 2

2022-03-25T05:19:17+00:00March 25, 2022|Articles|

The central government introduces schemes for the welfare of the people and also for improving the quality of life, for the social upliftment of the poor and also for the development of rural and backward areas. Many schemes are introduced ...

Schemes of Modi Government- Part 1

2022-03-25T05:15:23+00:00March 17, 2022|Articles|

INTRODUCTION The central government introduces schemes to increase the welfare of people. The main objectives for the introduction of schemes are to provide social security measures such as insurance, pensions, maternity benefits, housing etc and to improve the quality of ...

History of Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

2022-03-25T05:16:30+00:00March 10, 2022|Articles|

INTRODUCTION  Russia is the largest country in the world with a population of 145.5 million. It covers over 17,125,191 square kilometers. The capital of Russia is Moscow and it is also the most populous city. Russian is the cultural language ...

Stock Market and Commodity Market

2022-02-28T11:06:35+00:00February 28, 2022|Articles|

Introduction The venue where buyers and sellers meet to exchange equity shares of companies and is also the place where buying, selling, insurance of shares of publicly held companies takes place is known as the stock market. In India, the ...

UN and its Agencies

2022-02-22T06:22:45+00:00February 22, 2022|Articles|

Introduction  United Nations is an international organization established after the second world war (1945). It was founded by 51 countries that committed to maintaining international peace and security, a friendly relationship among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards ...

Union Budget 2022-2023

2022-02-14T07:00:34+00:00February 11, 2022|Articles|

Introduction The annual financial statement is the term used for the budget in Article 112 of the constitution and is the estimate for all expenditures. The budget is presented by the government on 1st February before the beginning of the ...

World’s Top 10 Banks and India’s Top 5 Banks

2022-01-29T07:19:51+00:00January 29, 2022|Banks|

 The banking sector plays a huge role in building economy and is devoted to financially assisting people at the time of needs. It is also one of the most stable and flexible systems working globally. Various banks offer different services ...

List of Railway Exams in India

2022-01-20T05:06:24+00:00January 19, 2022|Exams|

Indian Railways provide a potential line of handsome career opportunities and are one of the most coveted jobs across the country. Lakhs of candidates apply every year which substantially reflects on the competitive setting of railway exams. Job security, stress-free ...

Government Job Opportunities After Graduation

2022-01-20T11:15:42+00:00January 14, 2022|Exams|

Government jobs are highly preferred due to their flexibility and job security. In a growing economy like India, the continued power of government jobs is notable. The career choices and stability in government job sectors are valued across the country ...

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